Strategic Priorities, Goals, and Actions for 2018-2021

RMRA‟s first Strategic Plan presents the strategic priorities, goals and actions identified by our local communities, through community consultation and engagement.

Our Regional Strategic Priority Plan

Our RSPP is a four year plan commencing on 1 January 2018 and guiding activities through until 31 August 2021. Our Plan is focused on:

  • Increasing the governance capacity and accountability of RMRA, including by conducting reviews across identified areas of need in order to better understand existing service capability and the gaps that require attention
  • Improving communication and engagement with our communities so that our people are better informed about the services available to them and how they can access them
  • Embedding culture as a strong foundation of all we do to empower and build resilience and confidence in our people and families, and to promote our individual and collective rights to self determination and an adequate quality of life
  • Improving the coordination and delivery of services across our region, through increased engagement with service providers and influencing decisions about how, where, when and what services are delivered to our communities.

Our RSPP addresses 10 priority areas, with actions to be delivered within four years. The majority of identified priority areas were raised by the majority of communities - and as such carry equal weight; while the final two (Aged Care and Transport) were raised by less than half of communities, but RMRA delegates agreed to include them in the RSPP as they apply across all communities.

This Plan focuses on getting our structures, relationships and capabilities right in order for us to then focus on achieving sustainability and demonstrable outcomes. It is intended that this Plan will set us up to transition to a focus on increased accountability and sustained action and outcomes.

Monitoring and Review

RMRA commit to conducting quarterly reviews of progress against the RSPP at RMRA meetings; a midterm review; and a final independent review, which includes proposed transitionary considerations, to be conducted six months prior to completion of this RSPP.

RMRA Strategic Plan 2018-2021: Strategic Priorities - Summary

Each of the Strategic Priorities and Goals outlined below have been informed by community consultations conducted across the RMRA communities


RMRA Governance & Community Engagement

A RMRA Community Survey revealed a need to raise awareness across the region about the existence and role of RMRA; and the need to increase community engagement in decision-making; information sharing; and greater collaboration.


Culture (including cultural healing and cultural rehabilitation)

A common theme raised at RMRA strategic meetings was the lack of cultural connection for Aboriginal people (in particular youth); and the need for cultural healing, rehabilitation and revitalisation.


Community Wellbeing (including Family & Community violence (FCV); Elders; and Youth)

While all pillars address aspects of community wellbeing, family and community violence, and the wellbeing of elders and youth were identified as key focus areas.


Health & Healing (including mental health, AOD and rehabilitation services)

Community consultations highlighted the lack of targeted programs and support services to address substance abuse, in particular a lack of residential care facilities to support drug rehabilitation.


Education & Training

All communities raised the need for increased focus on school attendance and retention; and providing pathways from education to employment, through targeted training and job readiness programs.


Employment & Business development

Two key focus areas were identified by communities relevant to employment outcomes: increasing the effectiveness of job active providers; and supporting Aboriginal business development.



All communities identified concerns with housing availability and the need to improve access to affordable and adequate housing; with consideration in some communities given to increasing the potential for home ownership.


Law & Justice

It was identified by many that there was a need for greater relationships between community members and the justice system. This included a more culturally aware police force and diversionary programs for offenders that are coping with AoD issues as an alternative to prison.


Aged Care

The lack of aged care facilities, and trained carers to provide culturally safe services was a common theme raised by a number of communities across the region.



Access to transport, including the lack of regular public transport options was identified as a significant barrier to access to services.

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