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Community Information

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Cummeragunja Community Profile

Community Issues

  • Increased Aboriginal staff in services
  • Stronger relationships with Land Councils
  • Full time security guard at services is seen as unnecessary
  • Need disability support workers
  • Gaps in mental health service
  • Safe house facility for young women needed
  • Stronger partnership with other AMS’s particularly those at Echuca, Shepparton and Bendigo
  • Improve linkages with Yenbena
  • Increased number of community focused programs
  • Restart cemetery beautification program (LALC)
  • No Cummeragunja AECG
  • Lack of collaborative engagement between Cummeragunja LALC and Cummeragunja Housing and Development Aboriginal Corporation (CHADAC)
  • Lack of counselling services for men
  • Lack of governance leadership
  • No provision of knowledge about Aboriginal culture and history
  • Lack of respect for women and elders
  • Little contact from Murray River Council

Cummeragunja Delegates

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Tribe/Clan AND/OR Language group