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Community Information

- Local Tribe Information / Stories
- Aboriginal Community Background
- Local Contributions
- Acheivements
- Goals / Objectives

Community Profile

Community Issues

  • AMS does not service Narrandera
  • Racism
  • LALC employment opportunities are not equitably distributed
  • Lack of youth opportunity since Lizards League club closed
  • Dedicated Aboriginal programs have gone mainstream
  • Issues at school are solved with suspension instead of being dealt with appropriately
  • Suggested that High Schools have a number of identifiably racist teachers
  • The need to negotiate regional service delivery agreements for interaction between government and other parties
  • Encourage community members to take an active part in supporting activities conducted for youth
  • Encourage community support for the AECG and Aboriginal Student Support and Parent Awareness (ASSPA) groups supporting culturally appropriate education
  • Advocate for increased support for the ‘In-School Tuition’ program for Aboriginal students
  • The working party will be proactive in teaming up with NSW Cabinet Office to implement available programs under the ‘families first’ initiative of the NSW Government

Suggested Actions

  • Implement the ‘Journey to Respect’ program to reduce levels of violence
  • Monitor progress on the gradual introduction of Circle Sentencing for Aboriginal offenders
  • Support the Narrandera CDEP
  • Develop a close working relationship with the Aboriginal Business Development Officer of the NSW Department of State and Regional Development
  • Develop Cultural education programs for young people through Tirkandi Inaburra, the ‘Journey to Respect’ program and in local schools to give a broad grounding in the basics of Aboriginal culture and heritage
  • Work with Narrandera Shire Council and DPC to seek funding for design, planning approval and construction of the Narrandera Aboriginal Community Multi-Purpose centre


We currently have no active delegates for Narrander. If you or someone you know wish to be nominated please get in touch with our team.