Community Name

Community Information

- Local Tribe Information / Stories
- Aboriginal Community Background
- Local Contributions
- Acheivements
- Goals / Objectives

Community Profile

Community Issues

  • Discrimination
  • Governance issues with providers
  • Lack of reporting to community
  • Lack of reaction to increasing suicides
  • Community participation is low
  • Day care too expensive
  • Support for homework centres needed
  • Reduction in truancy needed

Suggested Actions

  • Investigate Community Benefits Scheme
  • Cultural activities to restore identity, connection, language, traditional practices and engagement with elders
  • Support Schools in Partnership (SiP) program


Mathew Daniels
Mathew Daniels
Griffith Delegate
Tribe/Clan AND/OR Language group

Wemba Wemba & Berapa Berapa nations

Beverley Johnson
Beverley Johnson
Griffith Delegate
Tribe/Clan AND/OR Language group