RMRA works with Government to address service delivery
priorities identified in the Regional Plan.
About Us

RMRA aims to:

  • Build & strengthen the knowledge and ability to create opportunities within communities to work in partnership with government
  • Build the knowledge and ability within government to work in partnership with communities
  • Enable communities to define issues and priorities which drive negotiated local responses
  • Build strong partnerships between government and non-government sectors to deliver effective localised responses
  • Hold government accountable for appropriate service delivery to Aboriginal communities
RMRA Group Meeting October 2019

RMRA Meeting October 2019

Local Decision Making (LDM)

Local Decision Making recognises the right to self-determination and the right to participate in decision-making and exercise full authority and self-management consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

How Aboriginal communities are represented and how they come together to make decisions, are matters for communities to determine.

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RMRA Membership

The Riverina Murray Regional Alliance has been established to represent the interests of community members and Aboriginal organisations in ten communities in the Riverina Murrary region.

The Alliance covers Albury, Cootamundra, Cummeragunja, Deniliquin, Griffith, Hay, Leeton, Narrandera, Tumut and Wagga Wagga.

Aboriginal Affairs 
Binaal Billa Region
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RMRA Achievements

Our Regional Strategic Priority Plan (RSPP) is a four year plan commencing on 1 January 2018 and guiding activities through until 31 August 2021.

This Plan focuses on getting our structures, relationships and capabilites right in order for us to then focus on achieving sustainability and demonstrable outcomes.

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The RMRA receives State Funding. Featuring Ruth Davys (RMRA chairperson) & the acting Minister for Aboriginal Affairs at the time Leslie Williams.

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RMRA Reports

RMRA Events Report cover photo

RMRA Events Report

There are many social factors that impact on the physical, social, emotional and spiritual health of Aboriginal people in our communities. These include the changing social and economic roles and loss of identity; changing notions of roles in society and families; relationship breakdown; racism; mental health issues including depression, anxiety and suicide; unemployment, working patterns and hours, Aboriginal culture; as well as services which are lacking in responsiveness to our needs.

Riverina Murray Regional Alliance heard from our communities when we hosted the first Regional Healing forum in Griffith in November 2017. Community members in attendance stated they wanted opportunity to gather, to be together, to share, to learn and to grow our future generations with opportunities to learn culture, language and return to our way of being.

Download RMRA's Events Report 2017-2019
Download RMRA's Events Report 2017 - 2019 Cover Photo
RMRA Regional Strategic Priority Plan

RMRA Regional Strategic Priority Plan

The Regional Strategic Priority Plan (RSPP) is informed by our member communities and outlines our regions strategic priorities and goals. This plan states the actions we believe are required to address these priorities, the key performance indicators by which we will measure our progress and the proposed timeframes for implementation.

RMRA provide an important voice for our communities to achieve real and measurable improvements for Aboriginal people across the Riverina Murray. Through this Plan we seek to enhance lives, providing voice for our communities and increasing self-sufficiency. This plan identifies our priorities for service provision and outlines our expectations of service providers within our region servicing our communities.

Download RMRA's Regional Strategic Priority Plan 2018-2021
RMRA - Regional  Strategic Priority Plan 2018-2021 - Download PDF Link